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The modern kitchen can be divided into a number of segments, each playing a vital role in its overall functionality. Quality component and accessory manufactures have focused strongly on these individual segments to create products that enhance the entire experience by saving space, heightening ergonomics, enhancing aesthetics and offering an all-round user-friendly experience. Larson have selected 4 of these main segments to highlight some of their products.


Form, function and accessibility are key elements to a midway system. Strategically placed in respective work zones, the Accento AluLine™ from Hailo is the perfect backsplash railing system for the modern kitchen. Practical and innovative, the system offers a variety of optional accessories to suit every need. Storage options include jar sets and various shelf configurations whilst utility options offer everything from a simple hook to dispensers for your kitchen towel or plastic wrap. The system creates out-of-the- way but easy-to-reach solutions for your kitchen gadgets, accessories or even your iPad – the modern day cookery book. All of the system’s components are easily removed from the rail, either for direct use or cleaning. The Accento AluLine™ turns any kitchen into a truly professional area.

Base Units. 

Good ideas fit in anywhere. This philosophy is translated perfectly through a base unit favorite: The 150mm pull-out. More than just a gap-filler, the “No.15”, as it is known, provides easily accessible storage space for spices, oils and even baking trays and racks – right where you need it. The No. 15 from Kesseböhmer stands out amongst the rest through its high quality chrome finish, unobstructed accessibility, divider system and soft-close runner system. The No.15 fills a gap and fills a need.

Corner Units. 

The Le Mans. from Kesseböhmer is the only corner cabinet solution to combine excellent space utilization with the highest visibility and ease of access. The overall experience a kitchen user has with a Le Mans is one of complete emotion. The dynamic movement from the independent shelves lends a floating effect to a system you simply won’t be able to live without. The Le Mans is available in two stunning finishes comprising the perfect pairing of chrome and white. Unlike many of its followers in the industry, the Le Mans boasts an Arena™ non-slip surface, and new soft-closing shelves - setting Kesseböhmer far above the rest.

Larder Units. 

The contest for dominance in this segment of the kitchen has been a close fought battle between all the major role players. Finally, one brand – namely Kesseböhmer – has launched a larder unit that will remain unrivaled for the foreseeable future. With the Convoy range there is nothing left to wish for… The Convoy family have been produced in three different configurations comprising Centro, Lavido and Premio. Each one maximizes the use of the floor space beneath it to offer unequaled storage space. The cleverly designed, adjustable shelf system allows optimal overview and access from up to 3 sides depending on the model – a first in this class. As a world first, the Convoy boasts Kesseböhmer’s new SoftStoppPro™ technology meaning that both opening and closing actions are dampened.

Apart from remaining perfectly balanced at widths of up to 600mm – even fully laden - the Convoy is both easy to install and maintain. Unlike any other larder unit, the tray sides can be customized to your own personal taste, left as plain glass or removed completely to offer a complete look of floating shelves.

The Convoy turns a kitchen cupboard into a dream of a kitchen unit saving time, effort and money. Kitchen tasks become more flexible and fun. The Convoy is Clever Storage™ at its very best.