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Upgrading your Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Furniture with Hettich Furniture Fittings

Have you ever had the thought of renovating your Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom furniture, but discovered it can come at a high cost.

There are solutions that won't cost you an arm and leg to make simple upgrades to your furniture.





How you can make the change

Update your handles and/or change your cabinet fronts

By simply changing the type of handle and/or even the finish of your doors, you may achieve a brand new look to your furniture.


Change your drawer type

Upgrade your standard drawers to more modern softclose systems. Hettich has a huge range of softclose runner systems in 3 different finishes and over 12 different platforms.


Change drawer looks

If you already have Hettch drawers in your furniture, just add some elements of style and achieve a more modern look, with designsides, topsides, chrome or stainless steel trim profiles and covercaps


Change to Softclose Hinges

Instead of continuing to bang the door when closing, exchange the existing hinges with modern Softclose hinges


Use modern drawer inserts & organisers

Instead of trying to find your cutlery piled up in the drawer, use modern drawer inserts for easy finding of the required utensils


Change to Sliding Doors

Use sliding doors in your bedroom cupboards as they allow easier access to your clothes and other stored items