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Topline L from Hettich

Sliding doors leave no margin of doubt when it comes to practical functionality and clearly defined, purist beauty. Supreme user friendliness and individually tailored design versatility make them the ideal answer to the demands of modern living. The TopLine L sliding door fitting from Hettich satisfies these demands with perfection – from ease of installation to convenience of use.

Combination with the Silent System Flexible 50 gently closing system provides added
convenience. This way, even heavy, large doors reliably close with a mere whisper. That's advanced technology from Hettich.

Suitable for use with door thicknesses ranging from 16 to 40 mm, TopLine L easily meets the modern-day wish for individuality and ultimate flexibility.

The same runners and guide components can be used for solid and aluminium-framed fronts. TopLine L provides an astonishing range of options for selecting aluminium door frame profiles. The multitalented fitting among sliding door hardware ensures unrestricted use from a frame width of just 50 mm.

The doors are simply hooked into the runner profile. Quick-mounting guide components guarantee the greatest possible convenience right from the word go. The guides simply clip into the bottom guideway. Height is conveniently adjusted with the doors in place without having to undo the fixing screws on the runners. This also makes child's play of positioning doors for neat gap alignment.

Perfected design to excite, lasting quality and impressive user friendliness: TopLine L sets new standards for tomorrow's furniture.