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The XRR Comfortline Ladder from Hailo

Stringent employment acts mean an increased focus on saftey and quality in the workplace. This focus is directed strongly towards the service industry and especially those involving work of a physical nature. With this in mind, Larson have extended their Hailo brand into Ladders and folding steps. And, as there is no reason why that same safety and quality should not be carried through to the home, Larson have ensured that the range offers something for every need. Perfect for easy access to those everyday things that are a little higher up.

In the manufacture process of their ladders, Hailo promise ultramodern technology, ergonomics, attractive design and absolute safety. As inventors of the aluminium household ladder, Hailo know what is expected of them.

At Larson we are proud to boast 7 different ladder options from Hailo:

At the top of the range we are offering the XXR ComfortLine.This model has XXL steps that are broad and rounded with non-slip ribbing and an extra deep tread of 13cm. For greater stability it has an extendable rail and the 'parking bays' in the steps mean the back support folds flat against the rungs - perfect for limited storage space.If you are into DIY or spend your life working at the top of a ladder then this model is perfect. It has a multi-functional tray for paint tins and tools, a bucket hook and even a cable clamp for your power tools. The large working platform is common to most of the ladders in the range, as are the slip-resistant feet. Like all ladders from Hailo, the maximum load capacity is a whopping 150kg.