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Larson prides themselves on quality manufactured timber mouldings which are currently used in a wide range of applications for thefurniture manufacturing, construction,picture framing industry and D I Y.

Mouldings enhance the visual appearance of an area or product and thus have a wide variety of applications where there is a need for upliftment, enhancement, decoration and personalisation.

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Decorative Mouldings :

We manufacture a popular range of decorative mouldings, in a broad range of profiles and sizes.  Smaller sizes are moulded from Jelutong timber imported from Ghana, and larger profiles from South African (SA) Pine.These are available in 2 meter lengths.

In addition to the raw wood range we offer painted/stained mouldings – “The Le Classique” mouldings in Walnut, Ivory and White which are enhanced with embossed patterns andgold foils to add to their appeal.


Skirtings :

We manufacture skirting’s produced from a wide variety of timbers, the most popular being SA Pine, available in 2.4 meter lengths although Meranti is commonly used, and supplied in 2.4 meter lengths dependant on availability.

A very popular skirting is our Duraskirt / Durarail range.Available in four colours, White, Dark Mahogany,  Alpine pine and Maple. This product is scratch resistant and water resistant.  

The paper manufactured in Germany, is wrapped on a super wood skirting and uses an easy clip fastening system, which clips into the groove on the rear.


Architraves and Cornices :

Architraves and Cornices are made in  SA Pine and virtually any other timber that might be required (subject to local availability).  Architraves are  used as door frame surrounds whereas cornices act as a decorative finish to ceilings to create a more rounded effect between wall and ceiling. These are available in 2.4 meter lengths.