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Kesseböhmer Lift Systems

Wall units are an important feature in any kitchen both aesthetically and from a practical point of view. They make tremendous demands on the integrated lifter and parallel lift systems, which need to be both functional and user-friendly.




Duo :

Huwilift Duo is a flap support with an opening angle up to 110°. The holding force can be set so the door will hold in any position. If the front panel and the fitting are mounted to open downwards, the front can also function as a temporary work surface or bar counter.

The fact that Huwilift Duo is identical for left and right mounting simplifies logistics and assembly




Maxi :

Huwilift Maxi is a high-spec lift system capable of handling front panels up to 21kg. With multi-position stop and Softstopp, all movement sequences are impressively smooth and easy.

Huwilift Maxi is extraordinarily versatile - even for handle less fronts. Assembly couldn’t be simpler - with the help of ClickFixx the fitting is simply clipped in place, no tools required.


Maxi Up :

Chests, toy boxes, laundry boxes or seats: Huwilift Maxi Up is the answer in a huge range of applications where it opens the way for creative new design ideas.


Free :

Practical, balanced and compact. Huwilift Free needs no additional hinges. Adjustment in three dimensions is simple and the multiposition stop feature is integrated in the front panel connector.

Installation depth is only 118mm and the fitting is capable of lifting front panels weighing up to 12kg. Technical features that speaks for themselves.


Verso :

Ideal for medium-sized and larger front panels - Verso ensures optimal access to the stored contents. With multi position stop feature for secure holding in any position.

The Verso lift assists in opening the door in an “Up and Over” movement perfect for the uppermost cabinets in the kitchen.


Strato :

Where cornices, light fittings or stacked wall units might interfere with lifting front panels, Strato is the answer. Strato lifts the front panel vertically, opening up new design prospects for kitchen planning.

The minimal installation depth, and simple multi-dimensional adjustment are part of the convincing technical advantages of the HuwiliftStrato. The system is also ideal for bathrooms and living areas. The choice is yours.


Ewiva :

Ewiva is ideal for flaps that drop down to conceal a microwave or a steamer installed at eye level in a full height or wall-mounted unit. When the appliance is in use the front flap is lifted up vertically - softly and silently. Fitted with softstopp damping, front panel movement is gently braked in the final stages of opening and closing. The front panel is attached with snap on connectors.


Senso :

The ideal solution for higher wall units.Senso, is simply smart - it folds up the split front panel on the way up so as to take a minimal amount of space. The integrated multiposition stop system holds the front securely in any intermediate position.

Its attractive features include a minimal installation depth, simple adjustment and the fact that Senso fittings can be used for wall units as tall as 90cm. Flexible Senso fittings can handle both symmetrical and asymmetrical front panel splits. Kitchen designers and planners set a high value on all these features.