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Kesseböhmer Larder Units

Attractive and functional with the right fittings: TALL CABINETS.

Today, tall cabinets, often planned as a block, with appliances integrated at eye-level and storage space for groceries, have gained an important place in kitchen planning – and rightly so.

Larder units units from Kesseböhmer glide effortlessly at the lightest pull, to provide full access to stored goods. Baskets and mechanisms are manufactured such that they offer maximum available space to their contents which is far above the industry standard.

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DISPENSA larder : Tall pull-out storage solution

Remarkably tidy storage space... Trays and baskets can be individually hung at heights to suit the contents, making DISPENSA 90° a flexible solution providing a lot of storage with a very small footprint. The entire height and width of the unit can be fully utilized. It makes best use of available space and supports good organization and fast access. All the contents, even on the topmost shelf, are in clear view – from either side!

Generous storage, a clear view and a small footprint... Not an inch wasted! The DISPENSA pantry pull-out allows up to 100 kg of stored groceries to glide smoothly out of the cabinet. It is installed very quickly, requires no maintenance and can be cleaned without a problem. These are impressive benefits!

Click HERE to see the 30sec DISPENSA video: Germany's "top storage" cabinet.





TANDEM swivel : Designed to move

Key goals are to make the most of the available storage space, to ensure a clear overview and to provide quick and easy access to all the contents. These are goals where Kesseböhmer’s TANDEM scores double.

Ingeniously simple: TANDEM creates two clear shelves on each level. The TANDEM and the refrigerator are based on the same principle: the door shelf & cabinet shelf complement each other perfectly.

As with fridges, when the door opens the contents are divided between door shelves and cupboard shelves, which glide towards you automatically. The result; in one motion everything is within easy view and easy reach – double overview.

Even a fully loaded cabinet moves effortlessly with one hand giving unrivalled visibility. make your kitchen beautiful on the inside too...

Click HERE to see the 30sec TANDEM video: Germany's "two in one" cabinet.





TANDEM depot : Four cabinets behind two doors

Planned to be versatile. TANDEM was developed for 450mm and 600mm cabinets. Nevertheless, it’s possible to plan twice the system into one cabinet – Tandem Depot – in widths of 900mm and 1200mm. Just as practical, yet twice as spacious and incomparably impressive.

Generous space in the door shelving, as well as height-adjustable pull-out shelving – these are features that only TANDEM can offer! Yet, in addition to these rational advantages, there are emotional benefits that make TANDEM an exciting choice: its technical precision, its elegance in motion and its gleaming chrome finish transform a kitchen cabinet into a kitchen showpiece.

Even a fully loaded cabinet moves effortlessly with one hand giving unrivalled visibility.

Click HERE to see the 30sec TANDEM video: Germany's "two in one" cabinet.



TANDEM solo : A 600mm cabinet in one easy movement

The characteristic opening experience. One gentle pull opens the door and draws the fitting forward so that all the contents are in full view and easy reach.

TANDEM solo offers a simplified solution with the characteristic opening experience of all Kesseböhmer fittings where all elements are linked in a smooth flowing movement. Opening the door draws the fitting forward with all the contents; the door opens on hinges with 110° opening angle. The closing damping is integrated in the hinges. The new tall cabinet fitting at an entry level price for Kesseböhmer brand quality.

The TANDEM solo also incorporates advanced damping. Central to the new noise-reduction package is the SoftSTOPPpro opening damping exclusive to Kesseböhmer, which gently brakes even a fully loaded tall pull-out at the end of its opening movement. This system is offered as an option and can be retrofitted.