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HAILO Fitting Instructions

Please note that not all fitting instructions are available online. Most require 'to scale' templates that need to be requested from your sales rep.


Swing   Slide   Inset   Ladder Specifications
Mono 15L White   TB Slide 48L   Pantry Box   ComfortLine XXR 5-Step
Mono 15L st/st   TB Slide 58L     L60 4-Step
Big Box 20L st/st   Euro-Cargo 300 S     L60 5-Step
Solo   Euro-Cargo 400     L40 4-Step
Tandem 30L   Euro-cargo 450     L40 5-Step
Tandem 40L   Euro-Cargo 500     K20 2-Step
Easy-cargo 400   Euro-Cargo 600     K20 3-Step
Easy-Cargo 500   Laundry Carrier 450     Mini Comfort
TB Swing 48L   Laundry Carrier 500*     Mini
TB Swing 58L   Laundry Carrier 600    
Rondo Comfort