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Hettich Doors

Hettich offers a wide range of innovative hardware systems for opening doors. This includes various folding and sliding door systems for all furniture segments; conveniently moving door elements in all sizes and materials. The optional silent system provides cushioned closure.

Hettich Expertise.

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Topline :

The various Topline systems from Hettich provide a variety of cabinet options for sliding doors. From Overlay to inset -2 or 3 door systems - it is simple to find a suitable system for your application.

Doors of varying panel thickness and materials are also no problem with TopLine.

Topline L/22 :

Topline L and Topline 22 are revolutionary systems for heavy sliding doors on large cabinet widths and heights. The system is for overlay applications only and is an attractive addition to any Bedroom.

Topline M :

Topline M was introduced as simpler alternative to Topline L and 22 systems. This unique system is synonmous with elegant simplicity. No alterations to cabinet construction are necessary and the system is plug and play.

Topline 25/27 :

Topline 25/27 are slightly different to their above namesakes. The focus is on doors of various dimensions, weights and thicknesses. But with an inset construction.

Topline 110/112 :

Also an inset construction. These two systems are made for smaller doors for cabinets such as TV Cabinets, Wall Units and Shelving Systems.


Wingline :

WingLine for Folding Doors are a range of innovative mechanisms that transform hinged doors into concertina style folding doors to either open to the right or left of the room.

Both Large and small doors are accommodated by the various systems. The WingLine range is extremely versatile and can be used for applications ranging from cabinet doors to room divisions.


Pocket Doors :

Pocket doors are a specialist application that allows doors to open as if hinged and then slide into the cabinet. This is often used for TV cabinets and other applications when doors need to be hidden away from view.