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Kesseböhmer Corner Units

Sometimes corners in a kitchen can be a pesky irritation rather than a usable area of storage. Kessebohmer understands this and has been constantly innovating to provide clever storage solutions for this complicated space.
The ideals of clever storage continue throughout this area, with less bending and climbing into awkward spaces. The benefit is a clear view of all your stored products without the hassle of poking around for stored items.

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LeMans II :

LeMans II is the revolutionised version of the original LeMans, the tray has been slightly restyled to accommodate a smaller opening angle on the hinged door. In the past larger handles could prove to be a problem and could bang or scratch the adjacent cabinet. With LeMans II an impressive opening angle of 85° (previously 90°) is achieved.

The mounting system has been redesigned so that the trays are now height adjustable without the use of tools and the system also incorporates soft dampening without extra add-ons.

All the added features you would expect are included with Convoy Centro; soft opening and soft closing, clickfixx features for easy installation and height adjustable baskets.





LeMans :

With elegant curves like the legendary race track, each tray is manufactured as a unique product. The most remarkable thing about the LeMans trays is that they are capable of swinging - you could say floating - all the way out of the corner unit in a smooth dynamic movement.




Magic Corner :

The name says it all. Magic corner combines two full base units in just one corner cabinet. Together they move out and forward in one easy, sliding movement.

Closing is semi-automatic - a gentle nudge and the unit swings back into the corner until Softstopp takes care of the final few centimetres - quietly and smoothly.


Carousel :

The combination of an attractive wood base panel and an elegant railing creates a streamlined, open look - lending new flair to this classic corner carousel solution. Convenience and practicality don't come short either with the trays being height adjustable.