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Endorsed Showrooms

The concept of the Larson Endorsed showroom was to create consumer awareness on the various levels of quality available in the market.

It is hard to imagine investing thousands of Rands in a new car, manufactured by a company with no experience in fitting modern day features such as ABS braking, airbags, satellite navigation or park assist. So why is the same concern not placed on a new kitchen?

The modern kitchen of today is the very heart of the home. A kitchen is far more than just the room to cook in. Today’s kitchens are designed on a generous scale as the sociable hub of the home where the family gathers and guests are welcomed. Your kitchen says a lot about you. It’s become an indicator of taste and carries weight as a status symbol. The right investment in a kitchen will not only increase the value of your home, but will also provide years of enjoyment and comfort.

A modern kitchen will very often cost around the same as a new car, yet there is no formal training program or skills requirement to manufacture a kitchen. It is not unusual for a consumer to be disappointed in the end result, even after paying hundreds of thousands of Rands. While bodies do exist for dispute resolution, it does not solve the problem of low skill levels or sub standard materials. To this end, Larson has taken steps to educate the consumer and uplift the industry.

The endorsed showroom concept is split into two areas :

Product quality and Installation quality. 

With the majority of Larson products being sourced from Europe (the hub of international furniture fittings) and the world’s leading manufacturers in their respective fields, our products are thoroughly tested by international testing organisations to meet strict criteria in quality and durability.  It is for this reason that most middle and high end kitchen manufacturers use Larson endorsed products. However having some of the best furniture fittings in the world is only worthwhile when installed correctly. There is no point in paying for ABS breaking if it is not installed correctly and the same applies to kitchen accessories. To this end, Larson has begun training courses for their various products. In order to qualify as an endorsed showroom, Kitchen installers have to attend the Larson Academy. Fitters/installers will then be trained and qualified to fit a particular product range.

By participating in our Endorsed showroom program, our partners and customers are working together to improve and uplift the kitchen industry in South Africa.