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Larson Call Out Policy

Larson offers full technical back up on all of it’s core product ranges. Our technicians are available to offer advice telephonically, in writing or on site provided certain criteria are met.


Please be advised that Larson technicians are not available to install products for clients. When installation matters arise, the technician is available to assist and guide the fitters offering on-site training and guidance.

Product Faults. 

Where it is expected that the issue is the result of a product fault, the Larson technician will be available to assess the problem and report their findings to their respective product manager. Should the technician find that the problem is a result of poor or incorrect installation, he will advise the client and offer the best solution.

Call-Out Fees. 

Every call-out will initially incur a fee of R400.00 with an additional charge of R250.00 per hour (or part thereof) if the call-out lasts longer than the first hour on site. Should it be determined that the issue is in fact a product fault, a credit will be passed for the entire call-out.