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Hailo - Built-In Bins

Built in bins hide secretly in the kitchen either behind a hinged cabinet door or mounted to a cabinet front. They are the perfect solution to keep kitchen mess and smells hidden out of sight.

With a large range of configurations in a variety of application, it’s easy to find the right Hailo Bin for your kitchen cabinet.

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Swing Bins :

Round or rectangular, swing bins in double and single configurations are pulled into view as the door is opened by a simple mechanism. Many of them are made to fit underneath the prep bowl/sink area or there are even smaller bins suitable for bathroom vanities and studies.


TB Series :

The TB series are a recently launched range of bins which are bottom mounted, you have the choice of both swing (attached to a hinged door) and slide configurations (integrated full extension runner attached to cabinet front) in a double bin configuration. Incredible waste capacity at an affordable price.


Euro Cargo :

The Euro Cargo series, is the standard-setter when it comes to built-in bins. Unmatched in function, quality and design this system comes in double configurations for standard cabinet widths of 300, 450, 500 and 600mm.
The large capacity bins mount in a steel frame, which,when attached to Hailo’s incredible smooth-tec runner system - allow for full extension at high load capacities.


Drawer Bins :

Incorporating clever bin designs with European drawers is an incredible concept by Hailo. These drawer bins mount cleverly on Hettich runner systems for improved silent system capabilities and high load capacities.