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21st Century Base Units

There is a misconception regarding space in kitchens. World-wide, people believe that spaces are becoming smaller and the need to store kitchen equipment optimally means better, more functional, storage systems. To some extent this is true and indeed spaces are becoming smaller but this isn’t a trend – it is the result of circumstance. And perhaps a generalisation.

The truth is, the kitchen is becoming the centre of the home at a rate only few can fathom, and as the family converges in the kitchen, more activity takes place there and the need to store more becomes key.

The space remains primarily for food prep and cleaning but growing trends mean that designers are incorporating homework stations for kids, flat screen TVs for entertainment and seating that is more conducive to relaxation as opposed to only dining. These elements therefore mean less space for traditional cabinetry and the subsequent need for modern, ergonomic and – for want of a better word – clever storage systems.

Being in the eye of a larger audience now, the storage systems are expected to offer aesthetics that are pleasing and preferably a silent function in a space that is now a social one. They should also be easy to clean and – to suit all needs – largely adjustable or even customisable.

The Clever Storage range from Kesseböhmer epitomizes these traits, and when it comes to base units, these systems out of Germany are hard to beat.


300 Comfort

Ultra-easy ClickFixx connection between frame and runner, simple 3D fine adjustment for the front panel, absolutely smooth action, efficient use of space thanks to height-adjustable trays – that’s the COMFORT II. The compact 30-cm base unit pull-out lets users fill every centimetre and customise the pull-out to suit their special requirements. The COMFORT II is ideal for storing cooking ingredients; it provides an amazing amount of storage space, plus a clear view of all the contents. The pull-out glides softly and smoothly out in front of the cabinet. Everything needed for a great meal is instantly ready to hand.


Dispensa Junior III

Not least the market success and popularity of the DISPENSA larder pull-out for tall units have spurred on the development of the DISPENSA junior. In its third generation the pull-out system for base units proves itself more than ever before a mature and versatile member of the DISPENSA product family. The new DISPENSA junior III is available for all carcase widths between 300 mm and 600 mm and offers numerous optimizations and innovations. All the trays and the new storage utensils are fully compatible with one another. You can simply switch them from a DISPENSA larder unit to a DISPENSA junior in a base unit and back again as you choose. The DISPENSA junior is accessible from both sides – which makes it a very flexible and versatile candidate in kitchen planning.Moreover, installation has been further optimized for more speed, more precision and greater versatility.


No.15 Pull-Out

Good ideas fit in anywhere. Kesseböhmer creates much more than tiny filler. When placed by the oven, the 15 cm roll-out is the convenient solution for small bottles, jars, baking trays or even oven trays. The high quality chrome fitting lends even the smallest kitchen cabinets that special touch of elegance.



All cleaning products in one roll-out. The pivoted storage basket provides perfect accessibility. The special feature: an integrated service station, which can be removed with one hand movement and comes in three sizes. And removable plastic bowls can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Ample accessories for every need. A wide selection is available, including roll-outs for sink units, cleaning utensil baskets, dust-pan and hand-brush racks, hand-towel roll-outs, laundry baskets, etc.



Items needed for cleaning are often stored in the kitchen, but it gets used all over the home. Kesseböhmer’s answer is our portable cleaningAGENT. The caddy, complete with the clipped-on containers, lifts right out of the pull-out. It serves as a practical organiser for cleaning materials, so that they’re always ready to hand wherever you’re working. Rubber feet make sure the caddy stands firmly and prevent scratches on sensitive surfaces. This is just one example of the way Kesseböhmer designers have planned cleaning¬AGENT down to the last detail. The containers for the different cleaning materials, now in a new sophisticated shade of grey, can be detached and put in the dishwasher. Once the cleaning job is done, the caddy is simply dropped back into the pull-out, which slides back into the base unit with typically smooth action and gently damped closing.