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Kesseböhmer Base Units

Optimising storage under the worktop: Base Units.

Base units, also known as undercounter units, form the solid basis of your new dream kitchen.

Our wide range of purpose-designed fittings for base units lets you choose storage options to suit the way you live and how you use your kitchen.

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DISPENSA junior : Flexible storage in a base unit

Choose storage solutions that can be easily changed and expanded.

Kitchens change every day. Especially with small cupboards you may want to change the use from one day to the next. Bear this in mind when you’re planning your kitchen and choose storage fittings that are inherently variable. A DISPENSA junior, for example, is a flexible system with the extra benefit that it can be retrofitted. So there’ll be no problem making the changes you want.

DISPENSA Junior is the ideal choice for easy height adjustment and an unprecedented range of functions. Height adjustment and the ability to swap the functional trays and utility boxes around mean that a DISPENSA Junior can be adapted precisely to whatever you want to store, letting users make the most of the available space. Bottom-mounted, it’s also ideal for retrofitting.

Click HERE to see the 30sec DISPENSA junior video: The great little "everything at hand" cabinet.





No. 15 : Makes brilliant use of narrow gaps

Extra storage space and functionality.

In a lot of kitchens, valuable storage space goes unused. It’ good idea to turn them into useful extra storage, for example with one of Kesseböhmer’s base unit pull-outs which are just 15 cm wide. Installed beside the cooker, a No.15 would be an ideal place to store herbs and condiments.

Technology to celebrate. The popular and proven 15-cm base unit pull-out has been reengineered to give kitchen planners even more options for using even very narrow gaps. It’s easy to adjust for even the trickiest gap alignment. The fitting sets include runner-specific adapters at the front and back, practically invisible below the trays. This makes the new system ideal for the demands of automated furniture production. Clip-on connectors make it easy to attach and swap front panels even in already fitted units. The No.15 with adapters for eight runner systems.



TANDEM coffee : Small TANDEM - big benefits.

TANDEM coffee – the ideal extra

Coffee machine, steamer, oven and microwave can be integrated perfectly into tall cabinets. So why not store associated things like the coffee and the mugs right below the coffee machine? Kesseböhmer’s TANDEM pull-out is the answer.

Installed directly below your coffee machine, the TANDEM coffee can be opened with one gentle pull. You could use it to store mugs, coffee and sugar – all in clear view and easy reach. It’s the ideal fitting for themed kitchen units and fits into the standard niche for a built-in refrigerator.



cleaningAGENT : Pick-up-and-go storage for cleaning materials

Cleaning has never been so easy.

Stuff needed for cleaning is often stored in the kitchen, but it gets used all over the home. Kesseböhmer’s answer is our portable cleaningAGENT. The caddy, complete with the various containers, lifts right out of the pull-out. It serves as a practical organiser for cleaning materials, so that they’re always ready to hand wherever you’re working. Rubber feet make sure the caddy stands firmly and prevent scratches on sensitive surfaces.

Well-designed and easy-care solution. Pull the whole caddy out with one finger. Close it with a gentle push. Thanks to Softstopp, closing is gentle, controlled and noiseless. Top marks for practicality: lift-out basket with ergonomic easy-grip handle. All the plastic containers are dishwasher safe – your cleaningAGENT caddy will always be clean and hygienic.

Click HERE to see a short video on the cleaningAGENT: Who know cleaning up could be so convenient?



MIXER lifter : It's plug and play the convenient way

The heavy duty fold-away shelf for appliances.

In the fully extended position the shelf lies flush with the worktop above the base unit allowing the user to conveniently use appliances up to 8kg before simply lowering them back into the cabinet to be available for the next use.

There is no need to plug and unplug or carry applainces around. Set them up once and use forever. Perfect for Nespresso machines, blenders, toasters and slicers. Always packed away. Always ready to use.